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Veterinary Medicine: Information on animal health, husbandry and disease.

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Biosecurity for Fairs and Shows
This informational training program is designed to assist extension personnel working with fair superintendents and fair management to plan and implement appropriate biosecurity measures at fairs and livestock shows.

Biosecurity Primer at Equine Events from Colorado Dept of Agriculture
As the showing and exhibition season opens the safety of our horses is of paramount importance. When horses congregate there is the opportunity to spread infectious diseases. The Colorado Dept of Ag has released a primer for managers of horse competitions that reviews biosecurity protocols, responses to the threat of disease introduction and control steps if disease occurs at their event

Biosecurity on the Farm and Ranch
The following are by Texas A&M System Agrilife Extension

Biosecurity for Beef Cattle Operations.pdf

Biosecurity Practices for Dairy Operations.pdf

Biosecurity for Sheep and Goat Producers.pdf

The following is by Drovers Cattle Network

Personal biosecurity for livestock farm visits or .pdf

Personal Protection and Biosecurity in the Equine Practice
The following videos can be viewd by the Equine Veterinary Professional and their clients. They provide a practical approach to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Biocontainment when investigating a possible infectious or contagious disease in a farm setting.

Windows Media Player is required to watch the following videos.

Personal Protective Equipment
Introduction To Prevention
Suspected Strangles Farm Visit
Alternative PPE options
Sample PPE Kits

Client Education
Biosecurity Around the Farm
How to create a foot bath

Websites with more information on Biosecurity:
Colorado Department of Agriculture- CDA
Colorado Department of agriculture will assist the Colorado aguriculture industry by providing current and valuable information. Contacts include the State Veterinary Office.

>Center of Disease Control – CDC
Department of Health and Human Services tracks all diseases affecting humans and has the most up to date articles avalible on the web. You can use the search engine to find any specific diseases and keep updated on current disease impacts.

Center for Food Security and Public Health – CFSPH
Center for Food Security and Public Health provides information on biosecurity and the resources are available in both English and Spanish (EspaƱol).

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association – CVMA
The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association was created to enchance health and welfare, promote the human and animal bond, protect public health, and foster excellence in veterinary medicince through education, advocacy and outreach in Colorado.

Extension Disaster Educational Network –
EDEN – The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is a collaborative multi-state effort by Extension Services across the country to improve the delivery of services to citizens affected by disasters.
Colorado EDEN division