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Veterinary Medicine: Information on animal health, husbandry and disease.

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Disaster Preparedness

Federal Emergency Management Agency –
FEMA – The Department of Homeland Security provides information on disaster areas, planning and preparing for disasters, recovery and rebuilding, and applications for disaster assistance.

Extension Disaster Educational Network –
EDEN – The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is a collaborative multi-state effort by Extension Services across the country to improve the delivery of services to citizens affected by disasters.

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association –
CVMA – The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association was created to enchance health and welfare, promote the human and animal bond, protect public health, and foster excellence in veterinary medicince through education, advocacy and outreach in Colorado.

Medical Reserve Corps –
MRC – Medical Reserve Corps is dedicated to establishing teams of local volunteer, medical and public health professionals to contribute their skills and expertise to prepare for and respond to natural disasters, as well as other emergencies affecting public health, such as disease outbreaks

CSU Extension –
CSU Extension Disaster Website has many resources from CSU and other National Extension related information.

PREPARING your Animals for Disaster

  • Saving pets, saving people, a 15 min video that provides an overview of the community process of animal disaster planning.
  • Caring for Livestock After a Disaster, by S. Cotton and R. Ackerman
  • Caring for Livestock Before a Disaster, by S. Cotton and R. Ackerman
  • Caring for Livestock During a Disaster , by s. Cotton and T. McBride
  • Plan for Livestock in Advance of Emergency brochure.pdf by Ready Colorado
  • Plan for Pet in Advance of Emergency brochure.pdf by Ready Colorado
  • Resource for Pet, Poultry, and Livestock Owners Affected by Natural Disasters.pdf
  • Ready Ag workbook is designed to help farms and ranches better prepare for disasters
  • Creating a Community Animal Disaster Plan : A step-by-step guide to building an animal disaster plan and developing the necessary response capacity for your community.

FIRE SAFTY Resources

National Fire Protection Agency 150: Standard on Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities
Firewise is a project of the National Fire Protection Associationf
Fire Saftey in Barns
CSU Extenstion Fire Resources

Horse related links

Equisearch: Prevent Barn Fires
Fire Saftey in Barns
Managing and Caring for Horses Affected by Fires

Cattle related links

Wildfires Leaving Hungry Cattle and Downed Fences.pdf, by AgriLife
Wildfire Damage to Cattle may be more than the eye can see.pdf, by AgriLife
Cattle Escaping Fire Death may have Secondary Injuries.pdf, by AgriLife
Assessing and Caring for Cattle after Wildfires.pdf, by AgriLife
Checklist of Considerations for Post-Fire Management.pdf, by AgriLife

FLOOD Resources

CSU Extentsion Flood Resources

Horse related links

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank (Flood Emergency Hay Hotline)
Post Flood Equine Health Facts

Livestock related links

Disaster Handbook by the University of Florida
Feeding Water Damaged Feed
Flood Related Diseases in Poultry and Livestock
Handling Flood Damaged Hay
Maintaining Livestock Health after a Flood
Livestock Flood Information by North Dakota State University